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Lawrence R. Lustig, MD
O&N Editor-in-Chief 

Robert S. Hong, MD, PhD
O&N Social Media Editor


As part of the O&N contract with publisher Wolters Kluwer, O&N has set aside funds to use for the development of the journal.  After much discussion, it was felt that the creation of two Cochrane Scholars would be a valuable resource for the journal, not only in generating quality meta-analyses, but also to assist with reviews of these increasingly complex manuscripts.  A great number of highly qualified applications were received, thank you to all the authors for your submissions. However, two applications stood out from the rest. We are pleased to offer a $4000 Cochrane scholarship to: 

Dr. Michael S. Harris - Medical University of Wisconsin

Dr. Ksenia A. Aaron - Stanford University

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Harris and Dr. Aaron, who will choose a Cochrane course and subsequently submit a high quality Cochrane-level review for O&N on a topic of your choice. In addition, they will serve on the Editorial Board to assist with editorial reviews of meta-analyses.

Lawrence R. Lustig, MD
Otology & Neurotology


Dr. Matthew L. Bush, MD, PhD - University of Kentucky Medical Center

Dr. Theodore R. McRackan, MD, MSCR -  Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. David M. Kaylie, MD Duke University, Durham, NC

Dr. Cameron C. Wick, MD - Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO