Neurotology Fellowship Award

First awarded: 1998
Funding provided by: Dr. Derald Brackmann, Dr. Robert Jackler & the American Neurotology Society

Submission Information

  • The Neurotology Fellow Award was established by the ANS in 1996 to reward scientific excellence. The award has been generously endowed through royalties received for the textbook Neurotology, Mosby Publishers, D. Brackmann and R. Jackler, editors. One or more awards of $500 is intended to subsidize travel expenses incurred while giving an oral podium presentation at the ANS Annual Spring Meeting.
  • Applicants must be full-time participants in an ACGME approved Neurotology Fellowship. In addition, the Fellow must be both podium presenter and first author of the paper submitted for publication. The material presented need not have been performed during the Fellowship year; it may derive from earlier work performed during the residency or extracurricular research experience.
  • A detailed abstract describing the proposed presentation is the minimum requirement. Additional material describing the work-in-progress in greater detail may also be submitted for consideration. While a mature manuscript is helpful at the time of application, it is not required. Award recipients are expected to submit a paper suitable for publication in Otology & Neurotology one-month prior to the meeting.
  • The abstract must be selected for ORAL presentation to be considered.
  • Send electronic submission of cover letter, a supporting letter from the Fellowship director to verify qualifications, and electronic submission of the abstract to: Kristen Bordignon, ANS Administrator, [email protected] No manuscript is required at the time of your Fellowship award submission. 
  • Submission dates for the ANS 57th Annual Spring Meeting in Dallas, TX on April 29-May 1, 2022 is October 15, 2021

Previous Recipients

Colin L.W. Driscoll, MD 1998 Palm Beach, FL
Robert M. Owens, MD 1999 Palm Desert, CA
Katrinia R. Stidham, MD 2000 Orlando, FL
Zoran Becvarovski, MBBS 2001 Palm Desert, CA
John S. Oghalai, MD 2002 Boca Raton, FL
Anthony O. Owa, MD 2002 Boca Raton, FL
Richard J. Kennedy, MD 2003 Nashville, TN
Ana H. Kim, MD 2006 Chicago, IL
Marc D. Eisen, MD 2007 San Diego, CA
Benjamin T. Crane, MD, PhD 2008 Orlando, FL
R. Mark Wiet, MD 2008 Orlando, FL
Kevin D. Brown, MD, PhD 2009 Phoenix, AZ
Jerry W. Lin, MD, PhD 2009 Phoenix, AZ
John C. Goddard, MD 2010 Las Vegas, NV
Matthew L. Bush, MD 2011 Chicago, IL
Felipe Santos, MD 2011 Chicago, IL
Alicia M. Quesnel, MD 2012 San Diego, CA
Mia E. Miller, MD 2013 Orlando, FL
Peter L. Santa Maria, PhD 2014 Las Vegas, NV
Christine T. Dinh, MD 2015 Boston, MA
Seth E. Pross, MD 2016 Chicago, IL
Michael S. Harris, MD 2017 San Diego, CA
Kathryn Y. Noonan, MD 2018 National Harbor, MD
Enrique Perez, MD 2018 National Harbor, MD
Ksenia A. Aaron, MD 2019 Austin, TX
James Naples, MD 2019 Austin, TX
Matthew G. Crowson, MD, MPA  2020 Boston, MA (Fall)
Kenny F. Lin, MD 2020 Boston, MA (Fall)
Matthew A. Shew, MD 2021 Virtual platform
Alexander L. Luryi, MD 2021 Virtual platform