House-Hitselberger Lifetime Achievement Award

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the American Neurotology Society, 1965 - 2015, a one-time award, the House/Hitselberger Lifetime Achievement Award, was established to honor the legacy of two giants in the field of neurotology, Dr. William F. House and Dr. William E. Hitselberger. The award recognized those individuals who have demonstrated superb surgical skills and patient care, a commitment toward education and cumulative scientific contributions that have profoundly impacted the field of neurotology.  

These awards were presented to nine neurotologists from the USA and Europe at the 50th Annual Fall meeting in Dallas, TX on September 26, 2015, 

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David A. Moffat, PhD, FRCS
Prof. Mario Sanna, MD
Emilio Garcia-Ibanez, MD
Prof. Ugo Fisch, MD
Prof. Jean-Marc Sterkers, MD
Derald E. Brackmann, MD
Michael E. Glasscock, III, MD
Malcolm D. Graham, MD
Joseph B. Nadol, Jr., MD

The presenters and honorees (H) of the lifetime achievement award from left to right: Colin Driscoll, Michael McKenna, Joseph Nadol (H), Hilary Brodie, Emilio Garcia-Ibanez (H), Clough Shelton, Nancy Young, David Moffat (H), John McElveen, Mario Sanna (H), Moises Arriaga, Derald Brackmann (H), Craig Buchman, Jean-Marc Sterkers (H), Michael Glasscock (H), Larry Lustig, Malcolm Graham (H). (Not pictured Prof. Ugo Fisch (H))


Bill House and Bill Hitselberger.


Bill House training the youth.


Bill Hitselberger operating.