How to Apply

NEW APPLICANTS in 2024! The online application for ANS membership has been simplified. When logged in, please be prepared to complete your contact information,  upload a current CV (in word, no pdf), a current headshot (photo) AND upload TWO letters of recommendation (a pdf on letterhead) for review by the Membership & Credentials Committee, chaired by Dr. Ravi Samy. There is a $50 application fee due at the time you submit your application. Please have all of this ready before you begin the application form. Once you start the application, please be prepared to complete it. You cannot go back and pick up where you left off, you will have to begin again.
(This is a website setting that cannot be changed, sorry for any inconvenience). 

TRAINEE APPLICANTS - Your application is different, click here

Applicants should request a letter of recommendation from two proposers who are ACTIVE (Fellows/Seniors) members of the Society and are familiar with your current neurotologic practice.  (ANS Council members are not eligible to write letter of recommendation).  Provide each proposer with the "ANS Guidelines for Proposers" Proposer letters must be uploaded at the time you are completing your application . Letters should be submitted on letterhead and include the electronic signature of proposer. No need for proposers to email or mail the LOR to the ANS office, we will receive them with your application.

Ravi N. Samy, MD - Chair
Simon Angeli MD
Aaron Benson MD
Emily Stucken MD
Elias Michaelides MD
Rick Friedman MD, PhD

There are three membership types when applying as a new ANS member.

  • Affiliate (includes PhD, Aud, & APRN)
  • Associate (new graduates, not board certified in neurotology yet)
  • Fellow (been in practice 5 years OR board certified in neurotology)

ANS Membership Classification 

The deadline for application submission is November 15 for consideration the following year.

Annual membership dues are sent via electronic invoice on January 1 each calendar year, payable by March 31st.
NEW CANDIDATES: In your inaugural year, dues may be collected after the Spring meeting induction.  

Have you been an Associate Member for more than FIVE years? 

Click here for instructions and the application to upgrade to FELLOW MEMBER

Trainee Membership

The ANS Trainee membership category was created in 2004 by the ANS Executive Council with hopes that all Neurotology Fellows, Otolaryngology-HNS Residents, and Post Doctorate Researchers would apply for ANS entry-level membership as a full member at the close of his or her training. Trainee membership will co-terminate with the residency/training program at which time the Trainee member will be notified to apply for membership.

The following qualifications are required for Trainee Membership in the American Neurotology Society.

1. The candidate shall have earned a Medical Degree of MD, DO, PhD, or the equivalent.

2. In training in a field of study related to the field of Neurotology (Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Residency, Neurotology Fellowship or post doctoral research position).

3. Special interest in the field of Neurotology

4. Highest ethical and moral standards

5. Letter from Department Chair and/or Fellowship/Program Director validating your good standing as a Trainee including the duration of the program and expected date of completion. (A pdf of letter must be uploaded with your application)

Trainee member applications are accepted year-around. Click here to download application instructions 
To complete the online application, click here

Please contact Cheryl Bradley with any questions. 

Email: [email protected]