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As part of the O&N contract with publisher Wolters Kluwer, O&N has set aside funds to use for the development of the journal.  After much discussion, it was felt that the creation of two Cochrane Scholars would be a valuable resource for the journal, not only in generating quality meta-analyses, but also to assist with reviews of these increasingly complex manuscripts.  A larger than expected number of highly qualified applications were received, making it difficult to choose. However, two applications stood out from the rest. We are pleased to offer a $4000 Cochrane scholarship to: 

Dr. Matthew L. Bush, MD, PhD - University of Kentucky Medical Center

Dr. Theodore R. McRackan, MD, MSCR -  Medical University of South Carolina

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Bush and Dr. McRackan, who will choose a Cochrane course and subsequently submit a Cochrane-quality review for Otology & Neurotology.  In addition, they will be placed on the Editorial Board to assist with editorial reviews of meta-analyses.

Lawrence R. Lustig, MD
Otology & Neurotology


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 ANS/AOS receives multiple requests for mass e-mailings and Surveys and Questionnaires to the membership. We realize that our membership has unique expertise which can further our societal objectives of professional education and advancement of neurotology, however the number of requests for email lists and distribution of surveys was growing. The ANS Executive Council wished to provide our membership access to all of the possible information that they would like without having multiple e-mail become an ineffective tool.

In 2014, ANS introduced a biannual email “blast” to the membership to include announcements, invitations to participate in studies and email surveys of interest to the society, and classifieds. The emails are sent in May and October annually. Please have your requests for inclusion of surveys or membership queries in this group email sent to all ANS members to Kristen Bordignon, the ANS Administrator, by April 25 or September 25 for inclusion in the subsequent email “blast.”

To view the October 2017 email blast to members, please click here