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Atlanta, GA
April 24-26, 2020


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(Primary authors/presenters, please note your presentation time/day, Saturday or Sunday, April 25-26, 2020. This cannot be changed. 

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ANS Poster abstracts will be available to view as soon as the poster numbers are assigned from COSM. 

With record breaking award submissions to choose from, the ANS chose to recognize TWO Trainee,  TWO Fellow and one Torok award recipient this year. Thank you to all the authors who submitted a manuscript or abstract for consideration. They were all high quality and very well received. 

We’d like to extend our CONGRATULATIONS to the following individuals,
recipients of the ANS 2020 awards! 

Neurotology Fellow Award 
Dr. Matthew Crowson,  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, University of Toronto 
Predicting Post-Operative Cochlear Implant Performance Using Supervised Machine Learning 

Neurotology Fellow Award
Dr. Kenny Lin, Michigan Ear Institute 
Hearing Outcomes After Surgical Manipulation of the Membranous Labyrinth during Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Repair or Posterior Semicircular Canal Occlusion” 

ANS Trainee Award (Clinical)
Dr. John Marinelli, San Antonio Military Medical Center
Natural History of Growing Sporadic Vestibular Schwannomas: An Argument for Observation Despite Documented Growth in Select Cases 

ANS Trainee Award (Basic Science)
Dr. Armine Kocharyan, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
Repurposing an Approved Drug to Prevent Deafness in Usher Syndrome 3A 

Nicholas Torok Vestibular Award
Dr. Tiffany P. Hwa, University of Pennsylvania

Deficits in Sensory Organization Are a Primary Contributor to Imbalance and Postural Instability
in the Aging Population”

COSM will again offer 2020 Travel Awards. The application is now available:
ANS 2020 Scientific Program Committee
Nikolas H. Blevins MD, ANS President, Chair
Howard W. Francis MD, ANS Education Director
(in alphabetical order)
Jennifer C. Alyono, MD
Matthew L. Bush, MD, PhD
Daniel H. Coelho, MD
Carleton Eduardo Corrales, MD
Benjamin T. Crane, MD, PhD
Justin S. Golub, MD
Douglas M. Hildrew, MD 
Candace E. Hobson, MD 
Andrew A. McCall, MD
Theodore R. McRackan, MD
Miriam I. Redleaf, MD
Pamela C. Roehm, MD, PhD
Emily Z. Stucken, MD
Erika A. Woodson, MD
Yu-Lan Mary Ying, MD